Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August Challenges

30-day Husband Encouragement Challenge
Things are really changing in our marriage. I think in part due to this challenge, but also because of our counseling and a renewed attitude. After all, if I didn't have a better attitude, I wouldn't have taken the challenge to begin with!

Buy nothing new challenge
I think I did fairly well. I did make a few small purchases, but only after carefull deliberation and seeking alternatives. I want to keep it going, but in a more relaxed sense. I think just having an attitude of resistance to making brand new purchases is a start.

Stash Month
Nothing. Not one piece of new material entered the house! I did get some crafting books at a yard sale, and some free fabric, but I didn't have to buy the fabric and the books were a dollar a piece! (And I didn't go overboard!)

org junkie's mudroom challenge
Flop. What can I say, I'm not superwoman! I went looking for a bench on my yard sale treck last weekend, but came up empty. I did find a great key hook-y thingy to hang on the wall though, and have plans for when we tear off the mudroom. So I think October will be mudroom month as that's when construction is under way! September is all about the office! And not a moment too soon! I'm so deleriously happy that my camera is busted because if you thought the mudroom pics were bad, I don't even want to PEEK at the office! Yeah, we usually close that door when company comes over.

Quit Now Challenge: Snooze
Yeah. Snooze button. Who'd have thought there would be something even harder to quit than ice cream. Didn't happen. Still not wonder woman. She wouldn't have to sleep, much less use the snooze!


Jana B said...

Wooooooo!!!!! You completed three challenges!!!!!!!!

*proud of you*

I don't think you NEED to be Wonder Woman... You're human, and that's okay. So what if two challenges flopped... you met three challenges, which is more than most of us could do. Relax and give yourself credit for those!

MJ said...

I feel really good about what I accomplished and I chilled out much of Labor Day weekend instead of pushing myself to complete the others. I think that's a challenge in its self to say no!