Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today I spoke with my counselor about the concept of steadfastness. It rang in me feelings of calm, endurance, gently flowing, not interupted, not erratic, not overwhelming. He encouraged me to target three areas of my personal life where I could become more steadfast. Immediately coming to mind were cleaning my kitchen, reading from my reading list, and having a regular quiet/bible study/prayer time.
I recall all of the goals I'd been setting mid-August and how overwhelmed and ultimately counter-productive that ended up being. Bill was carefull to specifically limit me to three areas to work on at first.
So I'm going to start with a clean slate/blog and have goals just for those three areas of my life. The reason they're so important is because they are the places where I need the most work. When the kitchen isn't clean and organized, I retreat and cannot think clearly about anything else. The same could be said for my desk at work! The key is not just to get it clean and organized though, it's to maintain this order, to form a habit of orderliness, to become a finisher.


Jana B said...

You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right... I'm also committing to the prayer/devotion thing this month... not just to check it off of my list, but so it will become a daily part of my life. i'm also doing an intuitive collage, and those two goals alone are a bit much for me... life has gone a bit crazy here though, with random people suddenly popping in to visit us FAR more than in the past!

Perhaps next month I'll set a goal to keep the crafting table clean! *feeling inspired by you*

MJ said...

I'm so interested in the intuitive collage idea...

I think the major challenge here will be (as always) not overloading myself but adding one or two things at a time.