Sunday, July 27, 2008


I struck it rich this weekend!

130 skeins of embroidery floss for $1!!
My embroidery floss "stash" is in two different types of storage and neither works for me, so I'm throwing out this question to any cross stitchers out there watching...

How do you store your floss and does it work for you?
Let me explain what doesn't work for me...
I started out with the "floss-a-way" plastic baggie/O-ring system. What I liked about that system was that I could put cut floss back in the baggie and know that it was marked correctly. What I didn't like was that it was very difficult to add floss to your stash in sequential order (I store them by floss # but it seems to me that it would be the same if you sorted by color.) The O-rings were just so frustrating to work with!
I then tried the bobbin system. I liked that they were easy to move around and you could leave extra space for expansion of your stash, but I wasn't comfortable with winding the cuttings around the bobbin too. Also I used the plastic notebook-style sheets and I couldn't turn the "page" without all the bobbins falling out of their pockets. I know there is a box-style holder for them, and I'm kind of considering that, depending on the cost.
I then tried the newer stitchbow system system. The big bonus with this is the ease of use with not having to wind the bobbin, but it still doesn't solve the problem of scraps.
Maybe I just need to let go of the scraps, but that just seems wastefull!
The other drawback is the cost of the stitchbow bows and storage sleeves. I probably have all of the DMC colors, but I have over 500 skeins and therefore I want to store all of the skeins the same way.
What I really want is the display drawers that they have in the stores! Lacking that, I'm open to suggestion on storage alternatives...

Floss as far as the eye can see....ahhhhhhh.

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