Monday, July 28, 2008


I went to the craft store to get the necessary storage materials for my plethora of embroidery floss. I walked right by the remnant rack, passed the clearance section and checked out with exactly and only what I walked in there for!!
And I didn't stop for ice cream on the way back to work either. :)
I did a final count last night of my skeins of embroidery floss...515. I began putting my stash into the stitchbows, which upon thinking about it has the best combination of ease-of-use and least amount of storage space. I'll use the binder system instead of the storage cases.
I only got up to black, which those of you who aren't familiar with the DMC floss numbering system, going numerically, black isn't very far! It's going to take awhile for me to get these out of the way and into proper storage, but I'm determined not to move them again until this is done! Meantime, my craft table is reserved and I have no choice but to put everything else off until this is done...a good way of getting me to actually complete a project!

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