Friday, August 1, 2008

My Bucket List

Things I would like to quit, learn, see, do regularly or experience:
(Not necessarily before I die.)
(I mean, of course before I die, but much of this I'd like to do LONG before I die. Like this year. Or this month.)
(Though, how do we know when we'll die.)
(But you know what I mean.)

experience parenting (whether via giving birth, adopting or foster parenting)

learn crochet
learn cutting
learn how to do flatwork (a beading technique)
learn to knit (more than a scarf)
learn a foreign language

see every continent
see Niagara Falls
see the Grand Canyon
see Ireland

be professionaly trained by a pastry chef
take a photography course

(these really should just be on my goal list)
quit coffee
quit dairy
quit processed sugar
quit the snooze button
quit yeast

regularly declutter
regularly exercise
regularly print and frame photos
regularly update quicken
regularly write poetry
regularly read 1/2 hour every day from my reading list

1 comment:

Elle's Niche said...

I think this bucket list thing is a great idea! I believe that mine would very very lengthy! LOL Might be something we all should think about!