Friday, August 22, 2008

100 months of Marriage

After these past two (or three) tough years in our marriage, I really want to do something special for my hubby. I was thinking about how during our first year, we'd do something special each month on the 22nd (we were married on July 22nd) and today happens to be the 22nd! Then I did the math and realized it's the 96th month that we've been married....and did some more math (ouch) and discovered that while we are on our road trip to Baton Rouge in November, it will be our 100 month anniversary!!
I'm looking for any suggestions for celebrating this milestone, WHILE on the road, AND on a budget. Any ideas? I've got three months to plan!
Thanks y'all!


Jana B said...

AWwwwwwww.......that is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

Suggestions? Hmmm... Picnic dinner at a romantic location? Or a special date, doing something you both love to do?

Bragger said...

Give him lots of 100's. 100 jelly beans. 100 quarters. 100 M&Ms. 100-whatever-he-likes-that's-small. 100 lottery tickets.

MJ said...

I love that idea! (100's)
At first I thought that was going to get pretty expensive (lot's of 100 dollar bills) but I'm so relieved!
And it's something I can plan in advance and pack up to take with us in the car.