Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mixing Metaphors: Vegging Out The Ears

Last night, it was about harvesting aproximately 30lbs of veggies and then vegging out: cuddling up with my hubby to watch Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. Dracula's castle was a bust. Oh well. High expectiations I suppose. But the other place they investigated was great!

I got no sewing done, but I did make it home from my mom's garden just in time to take my clothes down from the clothes line before they got dewed on. My poor hubby. He's so stressed out about the folks that he trudged out to the clothesline, grabbed his comfy pants off the line, (left everything else to the mercy of the setting sun) and plopped himself on the couch. No fun anticipating the worst. (Not productive either, but I've got enough to do working on myself!)

I did manage to straighten up my sewing table a bit so that I'm ready to go if I get the chance to tonight. I caught sight of the fabric for the burping cloths that I want to make for my dear SIL. I can't wait to get started on them! I got pictures of their nursery this morning and I'm getting all kinds of ideas for the baby's cross stitch.

But before I load myself up with even more projects than I know what to do with, I have to go back and read this as a reminder not to get obsessed! (Again.)

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