Friday, August 22, 2008

Once Bitten

I've been bitten by the gardening bug.


It was bound to happen!

Even though I've been, shall we say, a bit remis in my gardening attempts in the past, I'm gearing up and planning next year's garden! It seems every day I add to the list of things I want to grow. I'm especially interested in the types of things that "thrive on neglect" like horseradish!

Here are pictures of my harvest from Mom's garden the other day. The giant zuke is actually 16". I thought it looked about the length of an infant (aprox 18-22") but now I realize they probably have their legs all scrunched up when I'm holding them! (And I have no sense of time or space!)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, and beautiful veggies! What will you do with them all? Enjoy fresh?Cook /bake /canning?

MJ said...

I'm thinking of making a tomato sauce. I know-boring, but hey, we like tomato sauce! Why not can it? I'd also like to make up some soups to enjoy in the winter months. Probably should can those too.