Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In over my head? or brave enought to attempt it?

Okay, I have a new idea. I was thinking about my open shelf unit for the sea shells I have collected and was feeling a little precarious about the whole thing. The thing is, our property directly abuts the railroad and our house shakes just a little every time it goes by. Thankfully it creeps by at about 20-30 mph, but still...it's enough that we are very carefull about properly hanging pictures and breakables.
So here's a free tour of "How MJ's Brain Works:"
Without a glass front to the shelves, I'm thinking the shells may not be so safe inside the shelves.

Then I got to thinking about securing them within the shelves or on/in something different than the shelves, which lead me to recalling how I sewed my hubby's aunt's weaving to a canvas which I painted first.

Except not all of the shells have holes in them which will lend to being attached to some material by simply stitching a loop around it.
Then I recalled one of my favorite beaders' work. Triz is a magician with beadwork! The technique I'm thinking of now is called Flatwork. Check out her site as well as her Etsy shop... absolutely incredible work!
Now I'm thinking...I'm a baby beader. Flatwork is like WOW, way ahead of my level. Do I dare attempt it? Or do I plunge in and learn as I go?
Still mulling it over...

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triz said...

Definitely... plunge in!!! it's so much fun working in flatwork and so much easier than it looks, honestly!!! :-) Thank you so much for your truly kind words both on this post and on my blog!!! really appreciated! and am looking forward to seeing what you come up with :-)