Thursday, July 24, 2008

MJ? Really?

Okay, so my friends don't call me MJ.
But I wish they would.
Ever since junior high, I've wanted to be called MJ. But then I'd be a copy-cat.
See there was this guy that actually was called MJ. But it'd be a strange co-incidence to have two MJ's in the same graduating class. Especially if they're of different genders! I guess not so strange. My brother's name is Erin. Yes Brother. Yes Erin, not Aaron.
But still, I'd be a copy-cat.
So on blogger, I got the chance to call myself anything I wanted to. Anything at all! And after all these years, I finally get to be MJ.
Those are truly my initials though. And I really do sign my cross stitches with just my initials and the year.
The funny thing is (yeah - this is the one funny part!) (I don't know if the sarcasm is showing through or it's just wishful thinking...)
Ahem...the funny thing is, I really like my actual name too!

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