Monday, July 21, 2008

The Old Red Barn Quilt Giveaway and a rainy edition of Lunchcapades

I wonder if a bribe would do any good?
I keep checking back at the Old Red Barn Quilt Giveaway. The youtube videos are fantastic! At first I was completely against the notion of doing a video about why I want to win the quilt, but my creative juices got going and I think I could manage something! The only problem is I'd need my hubby's help with the camera because there's no way I can do a sock puppet interview and hold the camera too!
Today at lunch we had a bit of rain. Or should I say a "splash" of rain. I sat in a parking lot waiting to go into a store for 5 minutes then gave up, put my hair up and made a run for it! Normally a little rain wouldn't bother me, but it was the kind of downpour that makes cars pull over on the side of the road, that when you have your winshield wipers on full blast, it's still kindof hard to see...really coming down!
Come to find out...the store didn't even have what I was looking for! Rrrrrr...

And I have to vent a little about the loss of the best antique shop I've EVER been to! They tore it down to put up this...

They completely cleared the tall old pine trees and leveled the two long barns that had been converted into the store. Yes, you heard right...two of them! All of this landscaping is new, the traffic light is least they kept the one hardwood tree! Now don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited about the new Michael's they're putting in and I'm sure there's a strong market for the new Circuit City, but did they have to put it THERE?!
I stopped at another antique shop though. Not nearly as big, not nearly as much charm, but still a great place to find antiques. I found these treasures:

A pack of red vintage seed beads for $2 and an amber and gold bangle for $3. Not sure of the age. It has a tag with a "Rick's" logo. Either way, I love it.

Fieldbook of Natural History, 1949 for $1.60.

Girl Scout Handbook for $4. I don't recall the age off the top of my head.

And this treasury of beads for $5!

Many of the beads I'm not crazy about, but these two blue and white ones really caught my eye! Plus there's a whole strand of smokey grey ones that didn't photograph well that I completely adore as well.

Included in the box were these pieces...a blush cameo, rose and bow pins.

All in all, I'd say it was another successfull lunchcapades!

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