Monday, July 21, 2008


Sunday was a success! I was to facilitate a meeting after services for a group of prospective volunteers for the furniture ministry, but only one person showed up. It actually worked out really well because it was the friend I've mentioned before that is studying poverty and really getting involved in a few ways on her own. She's going to India in October to visit the child she sponsors. I'm quite moved by her story and how she's being led in some interesting directions. We ended up brainstorming ideas for increasing awareness of the ministry because I think the majority of members at the church are unaware of what exactly we do!

I also consider yesterday a success because I did a little rearranging of my craft area in the basement. As new as it is, I was already feeling the growing pains and realizing some things just weren't working for me! Like the clothing rack. It's pretty flimsy and old (a hand-me-down from a relative) and was about to keel over from the strain! I had found a shelving unit with a closet pole in the beginning of the summer for $5 that I had meant to give to the furniture ministry for organization but just had never gotten around to bringing it over. I snatched that and put it to work for myself instead!

I neglected to take any pictures, but I am so pleased with myself! I'll take pics tonight, because I simply LOVE the area now! I love being there, looking at my new shelves; the orderly rack that doesn't make me nervous about it's precariousness; the completed feeling it has; the orderliness and uncluttered feel. Granted, I haven't worked on anything since it's been rearranged, but I'll examine that issue later!

And a bonus: my hubby approves! He's not really into change. It's totally not his cuppa tea. His reaction when I said I stopped at the thrift store on the way to the barbecue was "great, more junk." *sigh*

So when I dragged the shelving from it's hiding place and did even more re-arranging to his donated section of man town, I held my breath, anticipating the worst. And prepared to brush it off. Except he surprised me with 100% approval! Who'd have thought? Maybe he's simply in a generous spirit since it's almost our anniversary. LOL

I had a twinge of discomfort Saturday while I was driving out to the country and back. I passed about four ice cream stands. You know the kind. Homemade ice cream. Fresh, sweet ice cream. The kind you pay out the wazoo for; but then again, they pile that cone so high you don't know how you'll ever finish it. That kind. The little stand by the side of the road that doesn't sell anything else but ice cream kind of ice cream stand. Yeah. *sigh* Eight chances to have ice cream. Just this once.

And yet, I still didn't dip into the sherbet or the super rich gelato when I got home. But then I think about August. Technically, the month will be over and the challenge will be new. But my intention is to kick all lactose in August which unfortunately includes ice cream. What a dilemma. I was also going to kick the "snooze button habit" in august, but I may have some rethinking to do on that score as well!

We'll have to see what happens in 10.5 days!

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