Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yard Sale and Thrifting finds

Today I gave myself a $40 limit and found some great stuff!

I only went to two yard sales, then went out to the country to a friend's house and HAD to stop at a thrift shop along the way. It's not often that I get away from the city and I'm always up for a trip to a new thrift shop.

I'm so glad I stopped because I found a few great treasures! My total for the day was $30 exactly! And this is what I found...

Two pairs of pants, two pair of shorts and a bandanna. This pair of pants has already been turned into a pair of shorts! My first successful refashion!!

Two gorgeous silver trays... antique top... I asked the woman if she made it and she said she found it at an antique shop. I was just getting it for the beads but now I'm not so sure I want to take it apart!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this skirt but I I love the material and it was only $1!

I have a growing collection of pitchers and absolutely love handmade pottery. I lucked out finding two such pieces today!

Handmade by DD in 1975.

Handmade by Kitty in 1960.

I really did buy this for the buttons! Well, if it fits, the buttons can stay where they are. But if not, the buttons are totally being used elsewhere!

Parhaps the buttons will be donated to this shirt! I definitely didn't buy this for the buttons. And it's not quite my style right now, but I have a vision of some changes. I think I like the color most.

One of my most exciting finds! At 25 cents each, I found a circa 1994 pattern, ...

circa 1966...

and a crochet instruction book circa 1974!

Plus these two old scissors at 50 cents each.

Plus I found a small shelf to display my shells and a men's bike in perfectly good shape for $10!

I think I did well!

So to recap...

Yard 1: 2 pair pants, bandana, small shelf, two silver trays, men's bike in perfectly good condition: $18

Yard 2: skirt, vintage beaded tank style top, handmade pitcher, cookie jar: $6

Thrift Shop: 2 vintage patterns, 1 vintage crochet booklet, two tops, handmade pitcher, 3 pairs of scissors: $6


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

I think you did fabulously! Both the pitchers are incredible.

MJ said...

I love your blog! Especially the backstories of the pieces you find and the people you meet! Here in New England, people are often not as forthcoming, but sometimes I can get them to peek out of their shells!
Once I get the pitchers cleaned up a bit, I'm going to get a "group shot" of all my little pitcher characters!