Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wardrobe Wednesdays and other assorted projects and comments

Yes, I know it's Thursday, but I never seem to have the energy to boot up the laptop when I'm done sewing. Here's what I accomplished last night on my wardrobe....
Nada, Zilch, Zero. *sigh*

I got home with all kinds of energy and expectations ... and fizzled! At least where the wardrobe is concerned. I think I'm a bit discouraged with my previous refashioning attempts, but I did work on sewing projects, for which I'm greatful.

I used to keep the projects which were small enough in a large ziplock bag in a bin under the table, but to me, out of sight really is out of mind, so I've been hanging them on a rack in plain view. The only problem with that is where to put the little extras like the perfect thread, etc...

Which is how I came up with these Project bags, or Notion bags. This way, when I haven't completed the project, I can hang it back on the rack and keep all the appropriate notions with it so I don't go back later and say - now where did that zipper go? or What size buttons was I going to use?

I started out with quarters I can't imagine using on anything else and which are so old, I think they may have been handed down to me through the generations... ; )

I was so pleased to find thread and ribbon from my stash that actually coordinated with both fabrics which I'd chosen!

I decided on a small loop to go over the neck of the hanger. But then I was thinking that the rest of the bag would gape open, so I considered a button hole, but didn't want to get into that, so I simply attached a smaller loop on the other side of the bag to thread the original loop through.

I made the bags approximately 5" deep by 7" wide, but I'd make them a bit narrower next time, maybe 6" wide by 6" deep.

I also keep one hanger that I just attach clothes pins to, so I hung the extra notion bags over the neck of that hanger, and now it's pulling double duty!

I then told myself I couldn't play any longer, it was time to do something from my to-do list, so I *yawn,* cut up an old t-shirt to make my kitchen rags (in lieu of paper towels). I got 10 good size rags out of a men's large tee. At zero cost, since it was one of my hubby's work shirts, provided by the company! Woo Hoo.

Then I picked the fabrics for the baby blanket which needs to be completed by August 7th, and cut it out. It doesn't need to be heavy, because it's going to Baton Rouge, Louisianna which has rather mild winters. I decided on the measurements and cut out the two fabrics, then decided I really do need to go back to the craft store to make sure the "short hair poodle" is washable.

By that time, it was rather late, but I wanted to take some long-overdue pics of some of my favorite yard-sale finds from this past weekend, so here are my unexpected treasures!

4 vintage buttons and a cuff link on a vintage safety pin.

2 beautiful scarves, age unknown.

Vintage beaded trim. Wow!

This piece is circular, as if the lower half of a shirt was simply cut from the top. It has one tear and a few stains, but is otherwise Gorgeous! It has a scalloped trim. the fabric is so thin, I hesitate to touch it! I'll probably carefully fix it up, tighten some of the loose beads here & there and frame it. The second picture is more representative of the acutal coloring.

And it was with this piece of lace. I didn't think to get the dimentions, but it could be made into a cape of sorts. It's not long enough to be a wrap. I almost didn't take it, but I'm so glad that I did!!

And of course, I finally found a scrap jar. Remember I'm sharing my craft space with my generous hubby's "Man Town" and it just works better in the flow of the basement to have the trash barrel about 5 steps away. Not a big deal, until you're snipping off thread ends and teeny pits of fabric. Then that 5 steps becomes an irritation. Then the table stacks up with all these threads and scraps. Then it's not nice and neat anymore. I don't work well with clutter...enter the scrap jar. I had etched it years ago and it landed in the craft trunk to while away it's years. I've rescued it from boredom and a life of unfulfilment!

And lastly...

This morning I had to stop for gas. But since the last fill-up I've really been conscious of my aggressive driving style and have tried to implement some hypermiling techniques. I drive a standard transmission and one of the neat things about my car is that it gives you a signal when you should shift. In the past I've always ignored it because it tells you to shift way before I used to and you'd loose torque that way. Well, I gave it an honest 345 miles (for the most part...sometimes I slipped before I remembered my intent,) and guess what...

31.229 miles to the gallon!

It's rated to get 26 city/ 33 highway but the most I've gotten is just squeeking into the 30 range. On this tank, I've done a LOT of city driving and I have to say - I'm impressed! What a difference driving style makes!


Shelly G & Hope P said...

I think shorts out of a shirt of your husbands will be a good project... and so easy... I love your project bags... I think it is perfect... I really want to make a couple... I always have a million projects in various stages... and so it does get to be a bit scattered...I cracked up when I read about your scrap jar... I argue with myself all the time about throwing the strings down to the ground... I know I should devise a method to capture them... I know this will sound like an excuse...but when I was in high school I worked for a company that made cheerleading outfits... and we were told to throw them down because it saved time... and now I just have the habit of cleaning it up at the end of the sewing night... but the time when I am sewing... is kind of "stringy"... Your lace piece is very nice... I think it will make something very lovely:)
Happy Sewing:)

MJ said...

Originally I wanted to use netting of some sort like Tulle. I personally don't like tulle, I think it's scratchy. But I wanted to be able to see what the notions were. Just last night I found a remnant of tulle and grabbed it, I think I'll make a few and see if the "hold up" well enough to do more of them. I haven't ever worked with the material to know first hand though...I'll keep you posted! Can't wait to see more adorable dresses for Hope! (I was thinking Hope would be a great name or middle name for a little girl. My middle name is Joy and I love it...but didn't want to be too matchy-matchy and give my little girl the same name!)

MJ said...

the other thing about the scrap jar was that I wanted some sort of easy container that wouldn't have a big "footprint." For instance, on my desk I have a 4" paper mache flower pot that I use as a pen holder...but I've found that it's way bigger than it needs to be and takes up more space than I wanted it to. (But it's so pretty!)So when I spotted the jar, I immediately knew it was what I was looking for. I'd actually thought one of my smaller canning jars would do the trick, and it would, but this is even narrower, so it works for me!
Whatever works for you though... vacuuming makes sense! (And it's not in the way if it's on the floor, right?
I know I shouldn't complain about the amount of space I have...plenty of others have even less...but on my little table, I have the lamp, a small ironing board (the only one in the house) and the sewing machine. Plus that's where I do all my cutting, so anytime I need to do that, I have to shove everything to the side! Oi...

but I manage fine!