Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Thank you, thank you very much..."

I have to say, I'm proud of myself.

I know, I know, pride is bad, but this kind of pride is the result of something good. And it's not like I'm strutting around, broadcasting it to the world.

Well, I guess I am. Hm.

So anyway...

I'm still not liking how my interview shirt is coming out with the satin trim and my interview is, well, it's tomorrow. Sunday when I arrived home bleary eyed and foggy-brained I accepted the fact that my interview skirt wouldn't be done in time. No way was I working on it in that state of half-awakeness. I told myself I'd just have to use my Wardrobe Refashion Get out of Jail Free card for a skirt or something. Then I realized - I have nice black pants that the shirt will go fine with. And they look really professional. So, I conceded that I didn't actually have to use my one chance to shop for clothes on this interview. I'd have the great newly tailored shirt and I'd look fantastic.

Enter knit shirt, serger, pleats, bad serger setting, puckering, lettucing, satin trim stretching the knit too much, etc etc etc. *shaking head, sigh*

It's all a part of the learning experience, no? I really wish I'd learned this a Looooong time ago!

I'm keeping pretty well in perspective though. A few months ago, I'd be very tense and crazy right about now, trying to manipulate the time to finish the darn thing before the interview instead of realizing some plans just don't work out and I have plenty of other shirts in my closet. Yes they fit, yes the are professional. Yes, they kind of make me look like I might be pregnant, but they fit, they are professional and otherwise they look really good. (Except for the preg-o part!)

Again, I was very close to using my one chance to shop for new clothes in this two-month period of the Wardrobe Refashion Challenge, but I realized I really don't need to. My time will be better spent plucking my brows, getting a good night's sleep, and practicing up on those hard interview questions. You know, the ones like "What's your biggest weakness."

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