Thursday, July 17, 2008

Old Red Barn Quilt Giveaway

Personally, this may be TMI (too much information), but I'm drooling right now. Wishing I had the talent, skills, gumption, and imagination to even conceive of this, much less the courage to actually attempt it! (Much less finish the fantastic piece!)

Click on the "Win this Quilt" graphic to the right of the page, at the top...and get even more incredible, yummy, awesome views of this magnificent treasure! It will bring you straight to Dana's Old Red Barn blog. Do it. Right now. Seriously.

What are you waiting for, Christmas? You don't have that much time!!! The contest ends July 22nd. (My 8th wedding anniversary, by the way.) Do it now!!

Wouldn't that be a great anniversary present? I mean, 8 years! We made it (barely) through the 7 year stretch and we're still going strong! What an incredible accomplishment! Especially if you'd been listening to me 2 months ago! (pre-How To Grow Blogspot)

Maybe I should consider the youtube video after all...or you could enter the contest in my name! Wow, what an incredible token of friendship! (if you don't know what I mean by the youtube video, that means you haven't checked out the contest site!!!!)

; )

This gal also makes yummy soap (but don't eat it) and seriously, if I don't get the quilt, ... well, I'll be dissapointed, but if I get one of the gift certificates instead, I'll not be too terribly dissapointed! What a great consolation prize!!!

I so wish I could post pictures of the quilt and soaps here, but I don't want to do anything to jeapordize my chances of winning! Just take it from's fantastic!

Acutally, don't take my word for it, see for yourself already!!!

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