Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the big questions...

I had my interview this morning and I think I spent more time contemplating my interview outfit than preparing for the interview itself! In the end, it really didn't matter. I mean, how do you prepare for an interview? Normally, I'd find the company's website, learn as much as I can about their service, industry and market, and try to dig down a little deeper into whatever part of the company I'd be working in. It's hard to really research a state agency. I suppose I could have tried.

There were three of them! I anticipated that, and it wasn't even unnerving, but when I think about it, it could have been very nerve wracking! One asked me if I knew how many Commissioners there were. I said I really hadn't thought about it but supposed one. Wrong. I mean, is that really a serious interview question? I think it was more of an educational method. You know...the teacher doesn't just say 5 X 5 is 25. The teacher asks...what's 5 X 5? Then you remember it better because you actively think about both the question and answer.

I seriously don't think that's going to be a major sticking point in the overall interview review, but I laughed about it later.

I ended up selecting a shirt this morning because it was clean. Good reason to wear something to an interview! I couldn't find the one I wanted, and the refashioned one I REALLY wanted wasn't turning out the way I imagined in my head!

It's interesting...I even changed my shoes at the last minute because I had on these cute short heels (1") with a great point and little bow, but I sometimes roll my ankle and I didn't want to worry about looking stupid walking down the hall and falling, so I wore the less-cute-but-still-nice flats.

It's interesting to me because I think going into an interview you want to portray confidence and there are a few factors that go into confidence. You have to weigh those factors against each other until you find the balance and where you need to be. I had to weigh comfort against appearance (shirt - didn't have full range of motion in my arms with another one, but it looked more professional) and I had to weigh appearance with ease-of-mind with the shoes.

In the end, I was confident that I looked professional and wouldn't fall on my face. Works for me!

A sample of the big questions of the morning:

If you were in a position where a co-worker is being treated unfairly and you'd need to intervene on their behalf, what would you do and why?

What is your definition of morals and integrity?

Describe a situation in which you've personally demonstrated integrity.

You've messed up really bad. What do you do?

Describe a situation in which there is really bad communication and what you did to correct it.

What is one of the hardest things you face in a working situation and why.

Do I stay up all night working on the shirt that's going to make me feel fantastic or do I go to sleep early since I haven't gotten a good night's rest in almost a week?

(Still on hangers) black straight-leg slacks, chiffon-y polyester top with dotted tank lining. The top was a little busy and harsh for my taste, but it fits great. They are all store bought and all pieces I've work quite a bit. I really want to refashion something great, but I think it's going to take a certain amount of practice and trial-and-error and building experience before I get there. Not that I'm setting my expectations low. I think I'm simply being realistic.

I went to Wendy's last night with an older woman who's taken me under her wing. She's fantastic! I've never had grandparents very close (always at least 2 hours away) and I get to see her once or twice a week now. I have to tell you, I am so encouraged by her! I think our minds work very similarly and it's great seeing that she turned out all right, so I've got a chance too! My point was going to be about Wendy's though.

It's getting harder and harder to pass up the ice cream. It's still not difficult. On a scale of 1.) No Problem, 5.) Difficult, to 10.) Impossible, I'd say I'm at a 3. So no worries yet, but we went inside to order last night and being in the presence of fresh Frosties for an extended period of time was probably a little bit of a temptation. I didn't dwell on it, but it occurred to me once or twice.

I'm glad we went though, because it tells me I need to be aware of these things. Awareness is powerful.

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