Friday, July 18, 2008

Lunchcapades...I did good!

I went to the craft store because I had to make sure the material I was going to use to back the baby blanket was machine washable...and it isn't!! I'm so glad I checked. I don't want it to be one of those blankets that gets tucked away or hung on a wall. It should be used! What new mom is going to want to hand wash the silly thing? So I got a flannel backing in a yellow print to coordinate with the yellow stripes on the front. I was going to need to get the satin blanket binding anyway, I was just waiting until I knew for sure what color the back was going to be. So I got that and a couple ribbons in coordinating colors for the small square I'll also make. (The materials I was planning to make the blanket are in this post, but you have to scroll quite a way down to see it.)

What I hadn't planned on in today's crafting trip was the addition of another new hobby.

: s

I was in search of sewing technique books and passed the "learn to crochet" booklet section. Hm. Those pictures look gorgeous! I'm not talking about the sweater-type crocheting, though it's beautiful, I'm talking about the lace trim type of crochet. The thread crochet. So I priced out the thread/yarn and the hook and away I went! I decided not to spring for any of the $7-$19 learn-to-crochet books because I'm pretty sure I have a book about crochet, embroidery and something else already. (And then I was looking through the sewing techniques books and remembered I already have two of those somewhere at home too!)

Considering I planned to get most of what I got and I didn't get a lot of what I saw and wanted to get, (still with me?) *deep breath*, I think that was a minor victory. Or at the very least it wasn't a complete failure!!

In an aside, I thought I'd share one of my organizational techniques I'm currently using. Actually, it's not so much organizational as it is "in-car clutter maintenance." It's just a small box sitting on my passenger seat. I put my lunch bag in there, loose papers, directions; anything small that would otherwise just be floating around the place, getting lost in nooks and crannies and such. It just keeps it contained. I have to make sure I empty it out at least once a week though, otherwise I'll simply end up with another "box 'o stuff." And it's not a trash bin! That's behind the passenger seat! Can you tell I hardly ever have passengers?!

I don't think I posted these pics from my MIL's garden...

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