Friday, July 18, 2008

Again, I shouldn't try to sew at night!

Perhaps I should just plan, draw, make project bags, and do frivolous crafty things at night until I'm more proficient at sewing!

I picked out a shirt I haven't seen my hubby wear in YEARS, but since he was working on a side-job last night, I didn't cut into it yet. So my shorts project is currently on hold until tonight, but maybe I shouldn't even attempt it until Saturday! LOL

I found some sale fabric that would make great shorts at the fabric store last night. I know... dangerous territory, but I was very good. I even put a lot of items back before I checked out! The fabrics I purchased were either remnants or $1 or $2 per yard. I'll have to go back and find the receipt, because I forgot to post it on my running tally last night...

Right, so I found this shorts fabric at $1 per yard and a cute simple shorts pattern, and while I was waiting to get it cut, I decided to spring for extra since it was such a great color, and price. It's a nice lightwieght but "sturdy" material.

Well, it's a good thing I got so much extra because I was fed up with the pattern and just started cutting what I thought I needed based on looking at the jeans I currently fit into (bad idea #1) ...then went back to the pattern and actually used it to cut the pieces as they should be, but forgot that there were different patterns for different lengths (bad idea #2) so even though a piece says "E", I should have kept looking for "cut 1" or "cut 2." Luckily, I have enough leftover yardage I'll still be able to make at least one pair of shorts from when I get back to it!!!

I used to be so patient and never just rushed into stuff like this. I think working at night makes me rush things. Plus I really wanted to finish it last night so I could wear them this weekend to a barbeque at a friend's house. Again, caught by the deadline! Well, no finished shorts.

But I have discovered an unexpected bonus to this crafting-at-night practice I've developed. I've slept really well this week! I think putting my mind to something at night really helps tire me out so that my mind can't race while I'm staring at the ceiling wishing I were asleep! (or maybe it's the no-ice cream thing! I love ice cream with chocolate swirl or chocolate chips or chocolate anything added! Major caffeine intake I alwayse chose to ignore!!!)

So perhaps I'll find something simple I can make at night and just make a bazillion of them for a craft fair or something! Like clutch purses or the project bags (thought they'll have to be a heck of a lot better put together than the first ones I've done!) Or Blue Yonder's hankercheifs. I tried one last night from a sage green flanel remnant I found at the store yesterday and LOVE it! I'm using it today, it's very soft, very cozy and I don't even miss the puffs plus! (And I don't miss the cost or the waste either!!) And while I'm on the subject, I can't say enough great things about Blue Yonder! So I'll keep it short. Two words: Taaaa-lent! (Writing, cooking, sewing, parenting...)
Plus, if I win the AMAZING Old Red Barn quilt, I'll owe it all to her for posting it on her blog! (Have you heard about the quilt giveaway? No? Why the heck not?! Click on the icon at the top right side of the page and check it out. Now!)

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