Monday, July 14, 2008

My To Do List

Well, I've had to accept that some things just won't happen. Isn't that life, LOL. We ended up running to a big chain store right before the birthday party to get our niece and nephew their gifts...which they loved! It's so much easier getting people gifts when you spend time with them! Especially little ones that don't talk yet! But my little niece is enthralled with bugs and is developing into a major tomboy - even at 2! And my nephew loves telling me about his leapfrog games! So we got our niece a book entitled "I love bugs!" and little rollerskates...the plastic type you slip your shoe into and strap in. And of course, our nephew got a new leapfrog game!

I did finish making the laundry soap and boy - when Jen says be careful about breathing in the powder from the ground soap fresh from the blender, she isn't kidding! Next time I'll follow ALL of her directions!

I think the angle of my shot makes the plastic tub look really small, but it's actually quite deep!

I finally got around to assembling the rice salad idea I had last week. I don't think I wrote about it, but I put it on my To Do list so I wouldn't forget it, like so many other ideas I've had in the past! I put it together this morning quickly before I left for work and sneaked a quick sample: yuuuu-mmmy! I can't wait to try it after it's sat for a few hours. I made up the rice late last week and just had to add the rest of the ingredients:
Green Olives
Blue Cheese (my preference is gorgonzola)
fresh peas (shucked)
I wanted to use greek dressing, but discovered that we are fresh out! So I used a creamy caesar. I didn't have time to throw my own together, so I just used what I had.

You know, I've heard of tutorials about photographing food and I didn't understand. It's just a close-up shot, right? Well apparently not! Because all my food shots look terrible! I'll have to take that tutorial, LOL!
The reasoning behind this rice salad idea is that eventually I'll cut out white flour from my diet (for medical reasons), so I'm experimenting now so I have good food ideas before I'm wildly desperate! If I were trully following all the restrictions I should be on, I wouldn't have been able to use the dressing either (or the cheese) and I'd use a lemon-juice/olive oil dressing of some sort.

I also intended to finish my green sweater and blue skirt for my interview on Wednesday. Well, the sweater will be done, but not the skirt. I just have to accept it! First is a shot of the sweater before alteration as well as the satin I indent to use as a sash. You can see there is a seam running across the bust/under the arm. The only problem I had with it was that I have a very small torso, so it was hanging really low!

One night last week I couldn't sleep, so I got up and cut it up and re-pinned it at the appropriate height. Unfortunately I pinned the wrong sides together, so when I went back to it I had to figure out how to switch that, but I got it done eventually.

I also couldn't sleep friday night, so I worked on my skirt. Didn't work so well. But I'll write about that whole process once it's complete...needless to say, I'm realizing that sewing isn't the best activity to be doing in the middle of the night! (or any time I'm really tired) Fortunately, I realized that before I began working on anything last night when I was so terribly tired. What a mess that could have turned into!

I've added some new things to my To Do List, including a refasion for a bike jacket for my Hubby. If all goes well, I'll only have to spend money on heavy-duty snaps and whatever tool necessary for attaching them!


Shelly G & Hope P said...

I wonder why we always try to sew at night... Even when I know I should stop I keep going... Its crazy:)~

MJ said...

no kidding! though when I think about seems like any other time is jam packed full of ten other things to do! I'll just have to get used to it and save my creative energy!