Monday, August 11, 2008

Catching up...

I'm officially back from camping, an internet-less weekend. By choice. Our campground actually had wifi and I did bring my laptop so I could empty my memory card as it filled up, but I stayed away from blog-land and e-mail.
I'm having such a great time catching up on all the posts I missed over the weekend! I'm salivating over Busy Bee's canning treasures, it's inspiring me to log onto Craigslist and look for more canning equipment!
I'm SO excited about Karen finally ariving in Anchorage after her 7-day solo driving tour from North Carolina! I can't wait to see Alaska through her alaska-virgin eyes! My parents did the same trip, but from Connecticut, back in 1972. Except they did it with a 2-year old (my big brother) to boot!
I'm also happy for Triz, who is on the Front Page! She's just the nicest person, and a wonderful, inspiring artist as well! Couldn't happen to a nicer person!
Checking in on Shelly and Hope is always a treat! Hope's concentration with the horses and ponies is so cute!
And I can't wait to make this bag! Darling Petunia has such elegance and style! Of course, that's going to have to wait until the other 15,000 ideas I have lined up have been done! Naw, I'll just do it now!
And I LOVE Stephanie's jars! Another idea for a rainy day. Maybe if I schedule it now, I'll get it done by mid-October.
I SO wish I lived in Tampa Bay, (and hadn't taken the Buy Nothing Challenge,) because I'd TOTALLY snatch up this blender!
I found that I could relate to a lot of the readers from Simple Dollar's mailbag, especially Dody (feeling like you're not doing enough; The steps I'm taking seem miniscule in relation to my goals) But Trent's encouragement to break it down into weekly goals is right on.
Reading about Journeyer's July Goals Review reminds me that it's important to make goals not only in finance, but all areas in life. (And to have them posted in front of you all month too!!)
And Leah's post made me laugh, because it's the same question I've asked myself constantly in the last month as we've had so much rain! (Are there any other ideas for how to use the dehumidifier water besides throwing it down the drain?)
Not to mention Bragger's Un-Goals for the New School Year. Seriously, totally laugh-worthy material!
I couldn't wait to hear about Jana's most recent Journey, and was inspired by her insight on the woman with the alabaster box.
I was also more than eager to get an update on my church's current trip to Rwanda. I'm excited that they also including a post with some pictures.
I found another book I need to read. Except it may just end up being more clutter. Which would kind of defeat the purpose. (When organizing isn't enough, shed your stuff, change your life.)
And finally, Laura reminded me that it's Menu Plan Monday. But the day's not over yet!!
My hubby and I saw lots of bikes this weekend up north in the lakes region of New Hampshire. It made us consider riding up on our bikes next year instead of the truck. Sounds like a great idea to me! (Now we just need to find good deals on a couple of bikes and the funds to pay for them with!)

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Leah Ingram said...

I'm glad my post on reusing dehumidifier water made you chuckle. Someone posted in the comments of that post about using it to soak dirty dishes in the sink. I've done that a couple of times now, and it's been awesome. Have you come up with any new ideas for dehumidifier water as well? Thanks for the link.