Thursday, August 14, 2008

Road Trip!

It's official!
My hubby and I are driving 1629 miles (one-way) to Louisiana from New Hampshire the week of Thanksgiving! We checked out airline prices (read - I checked out...) and looked up the mileage, figured for $5/gallon for gas, figured we'd get worse gas mileage with all our luggage and BABY GIFTS, (hehehehe) and discovered that we're saving almost HALF the cost of flying by driving down instead! WoooHooo!

Brings back memories in college when someone would yell ROAD TRIP and everyone would scramble to pack, plan, etc and just head out with little to no direction! I LOVE it!

Can I tell you how excited I am? Of course I can, it's my blog.

I am SO excited!
I'm so excited I could fart and not even care!
I'm so excited I want to Fly! (Or drive really fast!)
I'm so excited, I just want November to COME ALREADY!!!
I'm so excited, I've got Perma-Grin!
I'm so excited, I could go on and on all day long about how excited I am but I won't because then I'd make y'all bored to death, I'd loose my audience and I'd end up talking to myself, but that wouldn't be so bad I suppose because I hear I get that from my Grandma (the talking to one's self thing) and heritage is important to me, so maybe I'll just continue talking about how Damned Excited I Am!!!
*stopping for breath*
Or not.

Get the picture?
Cool. *still perma-grinning*

I love driving. My biggest road trip to date took two months to complete. Then again, I was eight. (Moving from Alaska to New Hampshire in a piggy back camper with 3 humans and a medium sized dog) My next biggest road trip was 13 hours (to Dayton, OH). This is going to be 26 hours (according to mapquest and my BIL who has done it innumerable times in the last 5 years with his adorable dog Joe).
My hubby thinks we're going to get a hotel room along the way.
I say we'll keep driving.
He says it's 26 hours.
I say so?
He says we'll be tired. (He has a knack of pointing out the obvious to me because sometimes it excapes me because I'm a bit of a dreamer.)
I say we'll sleep in the passenger seat while the other drives.
He says he'll end up driving the whole way. (He makes a point. Sort of.)
I say I'll do all the nighttime driving.
He says in November the nights are gonna be "per-it-ty" long. (He makes a point. Sort of.)
I say I drove overnight to Pennsylvania once leaving after work on a Friday in the begining of December and was fine. Mostly.
He says I was much younger then. (Do you think he had a point?)
I say we'll deal with it. (Still smarting from the "younger" comment.)
He says that means he'll end up driving.
I remind him of the time I drove ALL the way back from a Sunday Afternoon wedding in Rochester, NY because he had to work the next morning and I'd had the foresight to tell my boss I'd be sleeping in. (nana nana boo boo!)
He says that was a 6 hour trip and I was at home snuggled up in bed by 3:30 am. (And who has a Sunday AFTERNOON wedding anyway?)

Needless to say, we're still up in the air about stopping along the way.
And yes, I still have perma-grin. Did I mention I love road trips?
(Plus I'll be an Auntie then!)

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Bragger said...

I think you should probably have your head examined! :) I don't like the 6-hour drive to go see my daughter. Anything longer than that, and my butt is on a plane. I agree with your husband that stopping on the way is in order. Have fun whatever you decide!