Wednesday, August 13, 2008


What?! Going outside in the middle of the day?! Have I finally gone off the deep end?

It's true. I left the sheltering confines of my cubicle today to make a quick trip to the grocery and back. I made good use of my short walk across the parking lot to snap a few quick pics of *gasp* blue sky and cracked windows! The first time I've been able to leave my car window cracked in ... uh ... hmm ... I don't know how long!

And here's a look at the passenger seat. Really takes you back, huh? (It's been so long since it has acted as studio to my lunchcapades pics!)

I've gotten SO much into the habit of grabbing my raingear before leaving the house, I just naturally did so again this morning despite the radio comentators making such a big deal about no rain in the forcast! (stuffed on the other side of the box)

I also wanted to show you another organization tool I've implemented. I have about three of these thin expanding file folders around the house, so I grabbed one, emptied out the three-year-old receipts, and started stuffing papers into it. I have a pocket with my idea notebook, a pocket with my current reading list book and journal; and the rest of the pockets are slowly filling up with random papers that I seem to accumulate, throw in my bag or onto the car seat, and re-discover three weeks later crumpled up and long forgotten. Meantime, I usually search high and low for them, figure they've been inadvertently thrown away, and make a new list or create a new document.

No more! Now I can just stuff it in one of the pockets and I'll know where it is when I need to retreive it later.

We'll see how long it lasts!

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Bragger said...

Oh, how I would love to have some of that rain here.......