Monday, August 11, 2008


I usually enjoy wrapping presents. I take joy in making things presentable in a pleasing style. It's not a chore. Usually. Except on Christmas morning before we load the car up to go to the in-laws. Or in the breakroom at work right before I run to the post office to send it half way across the country in hopes that it'll get there in time for "the event."

As I've mentioned before, I made a baby blanket and fun square for my hubby's brother's upcoming arrival. We don't know the gender yet and my SIL doesn't like "cutsie" stuff (frankly, I agree with her,) so it made picking out the colors and materials that much more challenging, but I was really excited about the end result. Then I went to pack it up to mail. It's going in a box with another gift, so it had to squish up real tight in order to fit in the flat rate box, but I made it work. Except it took ForEver!

(This is the blanket AND fun square wrapped up together!!)

Because I had to squish it up so much, I decided to write a little poem of explanation. It also covered the concern my hubby had about making sure they knew I'd made it. And my point that it was even more special than a normal handmade item because it was the first baby blanket I ever made.

Here's the poem:

I'm wrapped up so tight
'cuz I took my first flight!
I came all this way
to meet my new playmate.
I was made by hand
(Megan's first try, by the way.)
So glad I could land
and see your smile today!

It's not a prize winner, but it got the message across! (And it was totally thought up in about 2 minutes, so give me some credit there!)

In case you're wondering, the envelope says (Just untie the yellow organza to unwrap the "roll") because there are a ton of other ribbons on the other side, but they're part of the "fun square."

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