Monday, August 11, 2008

"Heath Bars"

This was my favorite recipe of the weekend! (Contributed by my MIL)

They aren't actual heath bars, but taste like it! The basic recipe is as follows, but you can add any kind of topping imaginable. Except olives. I wouldn't recomend olives.

Saltine crackers
1 cup melted butter
1 cup sugar
chocolate chips
any additional topping (Within reason. Again, you could try olives, but *shiver*, I wouldn't if I were you.)

I wasn't provided with any measurements except as listed above, but I used a little over a sleeve of saltines and 36 oz chocolate chips (24 oz regular and 12 oz white). It could probably be done with 18-24 oz though. I also added some real heath bar crumbles. (My imagination was pretty much dormant last night!)

First, line the cookie sheet with foil, then lay out the saltines in a single layer.
I melted the butter in the microwave, but it could be done on the stovetop easily.

Then add the cup of sugar to the butter and mix until it's well blended. (This actually takes awhile.)

Once mixed well, drizzle the butter/sugar mixture over the crackers and spread gently. It'll be pretty thick.
(My camera battery then putzed out from a whole weekend of work, so I didn't get a shot of the next couple of steps)
Place into a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes or until browning on top. For me this only took 6 minutes, so don't go far!
Then while it's still hot, sprinkle the chocolate chips over the entire sheet and allow them to soften, then spread with a rubber spatula. (again, I mixed white chocolate chips in for the marbled look.)

Then add whatever topping your imagination comes up with, and allow to cool. I actually left it overnight. Then cut and enjoy!
This is a look at the underside...sooooooo good! Crispy like heath and sweet sweet sweet!


Bee said...

OMG...I had such a craving for toffee yesterday that I was googling how to make it. Yours looks super yummy! I might be not so lazy today and make some.

MJ said...

One of things I like best about this recipe is that it only takes 10 minutes of baking time, so the oven isn't on for an hour such as when making batches and batches of cookies! Plus all the chocolate, of course! LOL