Saturday, July 5, 2008

A bit of a tumble

I'm supposed to help my hubby move furniture tomorrow. Actually, he's supposed to help me. It's for the furniture ministry at church, which I coordinate. So seeing how I'm "in charge," and he doesn't even attend my church, he's definitely helping me. (And I'm incredibly grateful!!)
So we're both supposed to be moving furniture tomorrow. I was going to try to get someone else to help in addition to just the two of us, but I've had such trouble getting help this summer that I just gave up, pretty much. My independent streak had a field day and said "I'm MJ, I can do it all!!!" While this was true in Junior High when I was incredibly strong, invincible, and didn't have an aching back and's just not so any more!
Well, reality struck when I took a bit of a tumble down the basement stairs this evening and bruised up the left side of my body and locked up my neck. It's not as bad as it could have been, but needless to say - I'm not moving furniture tomorrow!
I seem to have to learn this lesson every couple of years. I simply cannot do it on my own. I am not WonderWoman.
On top of that drama, I found myself at the bottom of the stairs, telling my hubby "I'm okay!" and then bursting into tears. I broke his grampa's drawer. It's fixable, but his family will be more concerned with the state of the heirloom than what happened to me. But even that doesn't explain the on-and-off tears for the rest of the evening. I'm just extremely tearful today. And it came so out-of-the-blue, it's really catching me off guard.
We later met up with old friends that had moved away and are back in the area visiting family and friends. The wife is younger than me (I don't know why age is a big issue here, but it is) and they have three beautiful, well-behaved and precious children. (Especially when they're asleep, being carried inside after an exciting fireworks show!)
All of a sudden in the middle of the fireworks I burst into tears again at the sight of the young family interacting. I grabbed my hubby's hand and tried to look normal, but all I will say is it's a good thing we were right up close to the fireworks and no one was paying me any attention!
So I guess if it takes a tumble down the basement stairs to make me slow down and ask for help, God finally got my attention.
I leave you with 36 seconds in my front yard. The image quality is funky, but I took the video from my digital camera mostly to get the birds chirping.

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