Saturday, July 5, 2008

Some pictures. Because I want to.

I just love looking at pictures! From the time I was young, I've loved pictures and photography. We never had the resources growing up to take it up as a hobby or to get a good, quality camera so I never uber-tried to get better at it, but I LOVED going through our picture drawer! We had a coffee table with a shallow drawer in it where we'd keep all the snapshots, whatever didn't make it into albums...and it was one of my favorite things to go through all the pictures in the drawer.
So tonight, as I'm sore and achy from my "little tumble" and high on caffeine (because I wanted to have a coke, damn it!) and up at 4:30, I'm going to post some more pictures.
Because I want to.
So there.
Yeah. Real mature!

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