Friday, July 4, 2008

My not-so-big backyard

For today's edition to Lunchcapades, I spent some time in the back yard. My camera was taking awesome closeups and I noticed lots of new activitiy on the control panel/display. Not sure how I got to the setting it was on, but I'm definitely going to look into it!!

So this is from the back of my 0.16 acre lot!
Past Peak
Looking for Attention
Wild Snacks
If I could...just...reach...the water!
Sorry Rhubarb

Wild Concord Grapes
Can't be the grapes or the cherries, but what? My fruits like to mingle. Crazy, Wild Things! (Big leaves and twirly vines are Grapes.)
The old and the new
Just a sip
Uh, is there supposed to be light coming through the roof?
My lovely orchid

My hubby's aunt made the weaving, I spray-painted the canvas and mounted the weaving using embroidery floss matching the wood.

The dip was SO good. I'll give you the special secret recipe...not! It's so simple, and I can't believe I'd never tried it before!
It's equal parts Sour Cream and a bottle of Bar-B-Que Sauce...whatever kind you prefer!
I used a Honey Chipotle and it turned out really sweet with a kick, next time I'll probably try something less sweet...even me, miss sweet-tooth herself! I got the recipe last week from Living On A Dime (dot com). They are fabulous, down-to-earth, and funny!
Well have a fabulous day everyone!

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