Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Happy American Independence Day everyone! We started our celebration today by going to counseling and then doing the Great American! My hubby needed some new workbooks badly (he actually uses them for WORK) so we stopped for a pair and a new set of semi-casuals. I checked out the women's sandals, but only to really examine how they are made! I'm hoping to refashion some freecycled flip-flops into sandals I might actually wear. (Can't stand that thong between the toes-Ouch!!)

Last night, our city had their fireworks display. I think it took a lot of people off guard, not expecting it on the 3rd...because there was very low spectator turn-out. We viewed from a footbridge just downstream from the main event, and I captured these clips.

City Lights

More City Lights

Bridge Undergirding
I liked how the flash sparkled off the water in multi-colors.
I also got a few great clips of the railing, as well as the unexpected spider! Some of them turned out okay!

My goal this weekend is to clean out my house and organize what's left...quite the job! So in the spirit of procrastination, I'm blogging...what can I say?

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