Thursday, July 3, 2008

Re-incarnating linen

I'm looking for some input. I mentioned earlier that I work with a project at my church that takes home goods (linens, dishes, appliances, etc) and furniture, and distributes it all to those in need. I was sorting through a box of miscellaneous linens and found these two sorry pieces.
The first is a cross-stitched table runner that has a gaping hole in it (see right side of bottom pic). Oi. I was thinking of cutting up the squares at either end and making coasters out of them, but wondered if anyone else has any more exciting ideas...I would LOVE someone else's perspective!!

The second is a tablecloth stained badly but is otherwise so beautiful! As a cross-stitcher I hate to throw it out...I know how much work probably went into it! But on the other hand, I can't exactly give this to someone in the condition it's in! Some of the stains look like rust in color. The other stains look like red juice or something tomato-y. Any suggestions for cleaning?

And lastly, I'll leave you with a sort of fuzzy picture, it was taken last night while I was on the way to a delivery for the project. I call it urban sunset. I was literally driving and fishing in my bag for the camera and snapped it quickly because I was about to loose the view. The one on the top is the whole picture, the one on the bottom is a portion taken from the whole...

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