Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Lunch-Break Shopping Spree!!

I went to JoAnn's for a small amount of satin fabric to use as a sash for an alteration I have to make on a BWR (Before Wardrobe Refashion) purchase from a few weeks ago. What I left with, 45 minutes later, was this: (from the bottom, up)

1 yard of Soft flanel baby food print which I'll use to make bibs 'n things for my new niece or nephew coming in the fall ($1.50)

3 yards of blue/green checked cotton I may make into a skirt or jumper or something. Not sure yet, but I love the colors and couldn't pass up the price! ($1/yd!)

2 yards of what they called "Short Hair Poodle" on sale that I think will make a great baby blanket. ($3/yd)

1 yard of "Mint Borouque Satin" for the sash that I need to make. I decided on a whole yard because the fabric is just so yummy and the absolute best color, so I will definitely use the rest for something!! ($4.99)

A remnant of Indigo/White striped vinyl. I have been looking for something to cover up my hideously uggly stress-mat that I use in the kitchen. My feet hurt ALL THE TIME, so I picked up an industrial-grade mat to stand on when I'm cooking and baking. It makes a bigger difference than I had anticipated, but it's uuuuuu-gly! So I'll use the vinyl to cover it up! Stay tuned for how I make it happen! It was a dollar something, but then it was on sale too, so I got it for 66 cents!!! Wooo-Hooo!

My hubby took issue with the pins in our bed this weekend when I used our bunk to do my sewing on. Oops! He said the tomatoe pin cushion I have should be magnatized, so voila! I also got myself a grabbit.

Then of course, is the big splurge: The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and York Peppermint Pattie. Well, I didn't stop for ice cream!

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