Thursday, July 3, 2008


Doesn't Lunchcapades just sound more fun than "lunch escapes?" I've decided to share fun pics taken on my hour-long lunches with my blogging public...if there is anyone out there! If not-I'll enjoy looking back! By this, I hope to gain a little more experience with my somewhat-new camera, and get a little better at photography...another one of my secret loves!
For today, sitting in line to get an oil change didn't give me much the heat and humidity, watching other lines going much faster than mine!! So I captured a few shots of my sunglasses. I love them...they are indeed "rose-colored glasses!" Not that you could tell that by looking at them...but they do have a slight red tint to them that make white things look pink! Enjoy!

And lastly, another clip from last night's "urban sunset" inspiration. Yeah, I know it's was, after all, taken on the spur of the moment!

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