Monday, August 4, 2008

Lazy Sunday, crazy-busy week!

I was supposed to go back to work Sunday afternoon, right? Didn't happen. I zonked out on the couch after church and unintentionally took a 6 hour "nap." Somehow I don't thing 6 hours of sleep constitutes as a nap!
First of all, my boss has been out for two weeks, so I've been slowly been slipping behind with covering for him. Then, last week I'd forgotten that this week my hubby and I are taking two days off to do our motorcycle safety training course, so I really needed to catch up and get a teeny bit ahead at work, but it wasn't happening, so alas, I'll fall a bit more behind. But you know? It's not the end of the world!
We're also going camping next weekend, so I need to prep for that, but I got the food preped last night at least, now it's just a matter of gathering the gear and packing bags. Fortunately, my hubby packs his own bag! I swore to myself I'd never "mother" him and 8 years later, I'm sticking to it! He's a big boy, he can pack his own stuff!
I did get to do a crock pot meal last friday but it wasn't exactly photogenic, so I didn't take any pics. I tried Jenn's All Day Mac N Cheese recipe from Frugal Upstate. It tasted great, but looked a little over-done. I'm going to make it again this weekend while camping for our Saturday night pot luck. We're camping with a bunch of my hubby's family and every year on Saturday night, we just gorge ourselves on awesome, awesome food! I think the crock pot ran for about 8 hours friday, so I don't think I'll start it until late morning next time so it's just perfect in time for dinner!

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Bragger said...

Good luck in your motorcycle training course. Mine was INTENSE! I was the only female in our class who passed. Whew! 7 out of 12 passed overall. In my step-daughter's class, however, EVERYONE passed.

You'll have a blast. Send pictures!