Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Motorcycle Training, Day 2: Riding!!

Wow. This is so much fun! The instructors are fun and enthusiastic about riding, the sky was overcast all day so it didn't get too hot, and I'm riding a Suzuki GN125. Sounds small, but it's perfect for me! If you're unfamiliar with bike sizes, there are scooters that are 150 cc's and 200 cc's. The "125" in GN125 indicates that it's only got 125 cc's.

But I love it cuz I can touch the ground with my toes. That's all I ask!

The one problem is my physical conditioning. I tend to gt tendonitis and bursitis in just about any joint in my body and sitting on the bike for 6 hours today didn't "sit" well with my left hip and leg. Lesson learned, I'll have to be mindfull of that (and dose myself up on ibuprofen before we go tomorrow!)

I'm exhausted, but exhilerated.

Tomorrow's forcast:

90% chance of rain. Probably showers in the morning and thunderstorms in the afternoon. We ride in any condition except thunder and lightening.

So do I go out and buy raingear?
Or stick to my Buy Nothing New Challenge?
I think an exception is in order. I have zero time to thrift shop, so to Walmart I go.
Then it's beddy-by.

keeping hydrated

Lunch break

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