Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Motorcycle Training:Day 3

I made it!

I got the certificate so I can just go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and get my motocycle operator's endorsement without taking additional tests!

We showed up to class at 8 am just as it started raining. And raining. Harder and Harder. We broke for lunch, and it stopped. We got back to work and it got darker and darker (but wasn't raining). We were just about to set up for the final exercise (aka "The Test") when the thunder and lightening started. We took the opportunity to do the written test and then it was borderline sunny! We got to do the riding test under almost ideal conditions and we all passed!

I did dump my bike once earlier in the day while practicing braking. I locked up the front brakes and skidded. It happened before I knew it! I don't even remember falling, just scramling to get up and wondering why I couldn't move my right foot! It was pinned underneath the bike, but I got it out and I didn't even bruise. The instructor showed me how to get the bike off the ground real quick and I was off and running again in no time. Another bonus of having a small bike is that it's light enough for me to get it off the ground without help if I'm ever in that situation!

Buy Nothing Challenge or not, I don't regret my waterproof pants purchase last night ONE BIT. There were a couple of guys out there without full raingear that were simply miserable. I was warm and mostly dry the whole time. Even my feet! (Not complaining about not being able to wear my sandals either!)

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