Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm contemplating a job change. I currently work with 6 people in a small lab and we all work together really well. I've worked at enough companies that I know it's a rare gem of an opportunity to work in this kind of environment. My boss is very good. He's fair, flexible and jumps in to take on whatever needs to be done. He is very loyal to his staff and in turn, we're quite loyal to him. I think I get paid very well considering what I do.

However. I don't like what I do there and the hours are tough on my home life. I think I've mentioned this before! LOL. I've been presented with a possible opportunity to change jobs. I say possible opportunity because I haven't even interviewed yet. It would mean the same amount of commute, uber better benefits and the opportunity to get back to Human Resources...which I've done in the past and have kicked myself for leaving it!

Now closer to the point: I have an interview three days before my current boss goes on a two week vacation. Assuming they offer me the job when he's on vacation, I'd then not really give him the chance to plan for my position being vacated in a timely manner. As I said, we're very loyal to him and to the company as a whole. They treat us very well and he has put up with my health problems and with my lack of motivation with a great deal of understanding. I know it's not my responsibility to consider his position in my change-over, but we work in a different sort of company than the run-of-the-mill place.

I'm considering sitting down with him and giving him a head's up that I'm looking for another position. I know I don't owe it to him, but I think it would make it easier for me if it was out in the open. I want him to know that I know I'm not working up to our expectations, (yes, mine included) and that I'm doing something about it. That this will be a benefit for all in the long run because the company needs to have someone motivated to do this work and it just isn't what I care to do. I read a portion of a blog today that said it exactly:

"If you’re finding a hard time motivating yourself to work on tasks, it may be because of a disconnect between the task at hand and the larger goals you envision for yourself. Spend some time looking at the tasks you have at hand and whether or not they’re in line with the bigger picture of what you’re trying to accomplish, then minimize the tasks that are unimportant.
I do this regularly. There are a number of tasks throughout my day that don’t really push me directly on towards my goals, so these often get pushed to the side for more important tasks (like writing solid articles). Whenever I get bogged down, I just push aside the less important stuff...Every day you put aside your bigger goals is a day you put off achieving your dreams."
The blog is The Simple Dollar, by Trent Hamm. I highly recommend it!

This excerpt really freed me. I have been very hard on myself for the last few weeks because of my lack of motivation. I felt that I was being lazy, a quitter, always looking for greener pastures. But I did as advised...looked at the tasks I do on a daily basis in light of my life goals. I report daily accounts receivables (payments received) and do medical collections. I am a glorified data entry clerk and I spend alot of time on the phone with insurance companies...usually will automated computers! My life goals never included making other people gobs of money. I'm not working for a cause, I'm not benefiting anyone but myself and the company I work for. I don't try to save our patients money (at least I'm not supposed to!).
I want to do something that helps people. Working in Human Resources I was constantly able to find solutions, correct pay and benefits problems, help the department become more efficient, make people's jobs easier. Viewed through Trent Hamm's perspective, I am daily putting aside my bigger goals and putting off my dreams. No wonder I'm unmotivated.

I'm still considering whether I ought to sit down with my boss and discuss this. I think he might appreciate the head's up, knowing that I am aware of the disconnect and that I may be moving on soon. I don't want to burn my bridges. Not that I think I'd ever come back here, but if they suddenly turned from a 7-person opperation to 30, he might consider bringing in an HR person instead of doing it himself!

We'll see...I may see how the interview goes first...
I'd highly appreciate anyone else's viewpoints on this!

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