Thursday, July 10, 2008

Word Problems

I did the math on the homemade laundry soap from Jen's recipe and here's what I've got:

Borax is $2.99 for 76 oz, we need 4 oz (1/2 cup): $2.99 / (76/4)= $.16 per one half cup portion.
Washing Soda is $2.69 for 55 oz, we need 4 oz (1/2 cup): $2.69 / (55/4)= $.20 per one half cup portion.
Fels Naptha is $.99 a bar.
That makes $1.35 for a batch of laundry soap that is approx 2 cups (or 32 TBS).

That ends up being $.04 per load, or $.08 for a highly soiled load! Check out what you're paying per load for pre-made laundry detergent! I was totally unaware!!

I usually use a name brand that has a perfume- and dye-free option. It is $4.59 for 32 loads which is $.14 per regular load. That's 3 1/2 times the homemade price!

I checked out the store/generic brand: $2.99 for 32 loads. Still $.09...2 1/4 times the price of homemade. And that's generic! And I shop at the cheapest grocery in town!

Now lets just get right down to it. Tide, original scent for 32 loads is $7.99! (I couldn't find a sensitive-skin version of tide at my store...if they make it!) This costs you $.25 on every load! (6 1/4 times the price of homemade)

And here's what gets me...there were a few "earth-friendly" alternatives there. Guess how much...that's right...major cash! They were the same as Tide - $7.99 for 32 loads. It makes me so sad. You try to be responsible and they laugh all the way to the bank! They know you can make your own, but you won't!

Or will you?

Jen's full recipe:
1 Cup Grated Soap *
1/2 Cup Washing Soda (NOT baking soda)
1/2 Cup Borax
Mix together and use 1 Tablespoon per load, 2 Tablespoons if it is a really soilded load.
*I chop my soap bar up into chunks w/ a knife and throw it in the food processor. Then I put it in a roasting pan on the top of the entertainment center for a day or two to dry out again, then into the food processor again to make a very fine powder. Actually the powder is so fine that I put a damp kitchen towel over the food processor while blending, and let it settle for a minute or so before opening so I don't breathe in soap powder. This extra is just personal preference, and not necessary-many folks just use it grated up and mix the powder well before measuring out each load.
This laundry soap really works well, and YES-you only need a tablespoon. I use it right in cold water and have never had a problem with it dissolving.

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