Monday, July 7, 2008

My new Crafting Corner

Well, my hubby wasn't thrilled with my sewing and other assorted crafts slowly taking over multiple corners of the house, so he conceded to giving me a quarter of his precious "Man Town" basement. It's where we usually end up anyway because it's the coolest place in the summer and the warmest place in the winter and of course it is the home of the 36 inch TV. So now I can craft to my hearts content while he watches Deadliest Catch, Black Gold, drag racing shows and Ghost Hunters!

MJ's Craft Corner!
The white storage/shelving unit on the right hand side was on the side of the road yesterday afternoon. I was wondering what I was going to do with all my little notions and accessories!!

If you look closely, you can see I used paper trays (as in-office trays) to stack interfusing, perforated paper (for cross stitching), cross stitch works in progress, and small sewing pieces like velcro tabs, elastic, machine replacement parts, patches, etc. are in a plastic bin on the top tray.

The table is covered in a custom table skirt that my mom made for me a few years ago. Maybe I should have plugged the iron in and made a quick pass at the skirt before putting it back on the table!

Under-table storage includes all of my batting, two canvases (more about that later), all beading and all stamping supplies.

Sorry for the sideways shot. If you look closely, you can see that the door is really not functional as it isn't on it's pin. My hubby told me why...

The screw that is supposed to hold the pannel up was coming through...evidence that something was too heavy on the shelf and probably broke needs to be re-secured or the door will never stay on it's pin for very long.

On top of that, the back of the unit was coming off...only on one side though. That was an easy fix with some small nails.
For the shelf, I took out the screw that wasn't doing anything (LOL) and proceeded to nail the shelf back in place. I'm continually glad for my hubby, because I almost nailed the shelf in before putting the door back on. Then it would have been impossible to get the door on the pin!

The Dresser was being unused, so we moved it down from the top floor. It is now filled almost to the brim (except the top drawer which I landed on in my wee tumble on Friday).
I'd show pics of my bruising, but that would violate a few personal boundaries!

Part of the "top-drawer fix-up." It's so convenient having a carpenter/ woodworker around!
I started filling up the rest of the drawers while my hubby fixed up the casualty. It took pretty much all day while waiting for the glue to dry on each piece before being able to add the next, and so forth....

This panel had been broken into 6 pieces!

When my hubby was done re-assembling the drawer, he was puzzled because there were extra pieces! LOL...I forgot to tell him there were chunks of wood in the drawer already...they are the drawer stops that had somehow fallen out when his Grandfather owned the bureau. The conciensious woodworker that he is, he made sure they were put back in place before I put the drawers in. Yeah, he's a race fan too! He doesn't follow the #2 car anymore though, this shirt was from when Rusty Wallace drove that car. (And he's not a fan of Miller Lite either - more partial to home-and micro-brews.) Oooo...maybe I can use it for a refashion!!!

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