Monday, July 7, 2008

The Tony Shirt

I finally took "after" pictures of the t-shirt I refashioned last weekend at the races. This was an old men's style t-shirt that I've worn, but wanted to make it less boxy. I'm not thrilled with how it turned out, but I learned a LOT doing it and I'm the only one that wasn't happy about it.
What I did:
~cut two inches off each side, all the way from hem to shoulder, cutting off even the sleeves.
~cut off four inches from the bottom front and did an arched bottom in back. I left the hem just cut, I like the curling effect.
~cut a wider neckline
~reatached the sleeves. They are only about a 1/4" shorter as I liked the length. Worked in some tucks to add shaping and allowance for the bust area. (This is the part I wasn't thrilled with)
~hemed neckline, cut small slits all the way around, weaved the ribbon through, stitched the ends together and made small stitches attaching it to the shirt in a few places so that it wouldn't move around.
~Added ribbon detail to shirt cuff. Made minute gathers all around so it fit a little snugger to the arm.
What I learned:
~be prepared to try it on a few times at every step!
~measure, mark, think. try it on, pin, think. If in doubt, try it on!
~ I REALY need to make the time to get my duck tape dress form made!
~Don't cut more before. You can always cut more later, doesn't always work to re-attach sections of fabric!! ; P

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