Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What should I quit first?

I saw this blog and knew it was for me. It's not about quitting oil, it's about quitting anything you choose. ...don't get me startedon oil! The basic premise is to give up something for a month, and then you can choose to continue or not to continue after that month is over.
Due to numerous health problems (that all lead back to one health problem...), I have a lot of things I need to quit eating. I've been able to do so in the past, but the longest I ever went was 10 weeks. That was quitting everything at the same time.
Basically, it's a candida problem...hugely magnified, sometimes called systemic candidiasis, but is also highly controvercial and not recognized as yet by the AMA. In a nutshell, I shouldn't have dairy, vinegar, sugar, yeast, or anything fermented (alcohol). In addition, I have had a food alergy panel revealing that I shouldn't have shellfish (knew that!), sesame, dairy, blueberries, bananas and coffee. So no bread, condiments/salad dressings (most contain vinegar), wine, ice cream, many of my favorite foods!
So I'm thinking of implementing this challenge for the remainder of July, but asking myself: where do I start?

Um, pretty sure Ice Cream would be a good choice...


Chile said...

Are you likely to be more successful if you choose one thing and completely keep it out of your eating for a month? Or by quitting everything and perhaps seeing bigger physical improvements? Only you can decide, and I know it can be difficult either way. One way, you may have total success in quitting but not see significant health changes. The other way could mean big improvements in health but be very challenging mentally and emotionally.

For now, I'll put ya down for ice cream. :)

MJ said...

I guess I should clarify : o )
I plan to slowly eliminate different things. Such as Ice cream, then ice cream plus the rest of the lactose family, then all lactose plus sugar, and so forth...
Health improvements may happen slowly this way, but I believe they will be longer lasting. I've had my fill of quick-fixes only to end up back where I'm at (and worse.) Now I'm looking at the big picture and long-term success. In my opinion, for my style of doing things, slow progressive changes rather than jumping in over my head will provide the best chance of long-term success.

Chile said...

Sounds like a very reasonable plan. Good luck!