Monday, July 7, 2008

Multiple UFO Sightings!!!

I love the anacronym I learned last week: UnFinished prOjects! Here's what I'm working on...or was working on at one time!

This is particularly special to me. It's the first cross stitch I ever did. I wish I had kept the pattern, or in some way remembered WHEN I did it! But needless to say, it was the begining of a great and lasting love of cross stitch! The piece was designed to be a jar cover, but I wan't thrilled with that idea and just never found a way of finishing it that I was happy with. I think I'll simply frame it and keep in my craft corner as inspiration ... finishing is good!!

I have missplaced the pattern to this as well, I'm sure it will turn up eventually!

The Paper Doll is for my niece. She's just 2 1/2 so is not quite ready for paper dolls yet, but I started this long ago in anticipation. I plan to complete the rest of the cut-out pieces, then follow the original pattern which is laid out in such a way that you can frame the doll and all her clothes and accessories on one piece. That I'll do with my favorite cross stitching fabric: Irish Linen!

Pansy Sampler. You probably can't see the detail I started who-knows-how-long ago! Pansies are one of my favorite flowers...I just don't seem to get around to projects for myself!

Oops! This is upsite down! I started this shortly after the christmas wreath. I thought it was too cutsie and quickly grew bored with it. I think I'll finish it and perhaps make some customizations with it too...

Can't you tell what it is? Just's the very begining of a very large project which comes from a picture of my brother and sister-in-law's hands and her buquet on their wedding day. I know this is at least 8 years, but less than 14 years old! Oi.

I can't tell you how many times I've pulled this stupid thing apart!! It's a humming bird and flowers, but it's driving me crazy! At one point I decided I'd never finish it and almost threw it out. I'm glad I didn't, but still...I don't think I've touched it in three years.

My first beading project using a design (instead of making it up as I went along). As soon as I find the magazine with the design I'll post where it came from! Problem is...I didn't use the right guage wire and it broke.

And it's lovely matching earrings. I can't remember if I did the earrings from the bracelet design or if they actually had a design as well. I guess I'll findout when I find the magazine!

This was supposed to be a christmas gift for a sister in law who LOVES green, but I'm not happy with the clasp. It looked metal in the package but it's plastic and it comes apart easily. I was in a hurry though and simply put it together and finished it off, then had finisher's remorse. I obviously didn't give it to her, but haven't made up my mind on what to do with it now. That was a year and a half ago!!!
Contrary to what it looks like here, I do finish projects. They just happen to usually be gifts instead of things for myself. Give me a solid deadline and I'm on it!

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