Friday, July 11, 2008


Hi, my name is MJ and I'm a craft store junkie.

(hi MJ)

I first came to this realization on July 11th, 2008. After a week of blogging about how I needed to cut down on my craft spending, I took another "quick trip" to the store for one little thing and left with $27.71. Just a wee bit of baby stuff. That makes it all better, right? But spending is spending and I knew I was simply justifying myself.

(stay tuned for more of my recovery story as it unfolds...)

Yes, you see more beading supplies. Four flannels. For baby stuff. Really. From the top:

1.) Green flannel has flowers and butterflies in darker green. My SIL LOVES green, so I thought this might make great burp cloths. (She also is not big on "cutsie baby stuff") It wasn't on sale though, so I only got half a yard and paid $2.50.

2.) more baby food flannel matching what I'm going to make bibs out of...I'm going to use this yard to make my own matching bias tape! So cool! I got the last of the bolt and got about 1 1/5 yard for $1.79.

3. & 4.) yardage for baby blankets. Total 4 1/2 yards for $5.37.

Maybe I should think about selling at craft fairs this fall in order to support my habit.

And of course, Wendy's! (No, still no frosty!!!Woo Hoo! I can quit something!)

I also got off white grosgrain ribbon to make my own "Made By" tags. I looked at the small selection and decided I could make my own. (and a lit less expensively!) I love to cross stitch and can personalize it really well myself, making it even better!

And my gas. My precious gas. I'm thinking of trying all the hypermiling techniques floating around out in cyperspace these days. I'll see if I can stretch this tank a little further than normal! (and my uber-curvy self reflected in my clean black car. Oi. I have curves where I shouldn't though!)

Meanwhile, the inside of my car really needs a good cleaning!!

Can you tell how much I love my sunglasses?

What's in my purse:
notepad to write down prices, lists, poems, things I need, etc..., my journal, (the cover of which says "Life is just so Daily!") The Joy of Beading by Anna Borrelli, lots of loose papers, my password notebook, cell phone (of course), and lots more stuff buy you can't see it!

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Chile said...

LOL, you're a craft store addict. Well, at least they don't sell ice cream in there.