Wednesday, July 9, 2008

either you need it or you don't

I went to the fabric shop again today. As mentioned earlier, I needed iron-on adhesive. I got in, found it (finally) and turned to go back to the register and somehow ended up in the clearance section. "Just in case there's something dirt cheap that I might need."

Might need? No. There's no such thing as "might need."


On a more positive and productive note, at the grocery I found everything I need (yes, need) to make my own laundry detergent. I was concerned about the recipe because I don't typically use powdered laundry detergent due to the fact that I use cold water for everything. However, Jen says she uses it with cold water and has never had a problem with it not disolving. Jen's site is also where I got the recipe. I checked out other recipes for powder and liquid alike and Jen's looks like the most straightforward.

I'm so psyched to make my own soap! It's getting increasingly hard for me to find laundry soap because my hubby and I both are sensitive to dyes, perfumes and harsh detergents. Plus I'm looking at a possible job change that would mean a positive change for home life, but comes with a price tag - a big cut in pay! I figure a happy wife is worth something though!

I also picked up two small spray bottles. I know, I know...I could have held out for an old cleaner bottle or a yard-sale find, but they were only a dollar each. I've decided to make my own household cleaners as well. It started this weekend when I was putting together my craft space and cleaning out the storage area of the basement. I found a full-length mirror left behind by the previous owners. It's cheap but works! But we'd run out of glass cleaner so I looked it up online! The simplest recipe I could find was 1 part water & 1 part vinegar. No worry about bleaching fabrics, fumes, or anything else. And it worked great! So as I run out of other cleaners, I'm going to make my own.

I don't as yet have a rotary cutter. It was on sale for $9.97. As far as I've seen, that's pretty good. I've also been looking for antiquie hooks and doorknobs. I'm going to dedicate a wall to hanging my bags instead of just leaving them half-emptied out all around the house! Should be functional and artsy at the same time!



This ended up being $1.24, regular $9.99. It's the panels to make a fabric book and it was discounted due to damage. I figured I could do something with the panels individually if I couldn't find a way to work with the damage...but I couldn't figure out what the problem was! So it looks like I have a perfectly good panel at a huge discount!

My big purchase was $36 on "sale" beads. Oops. But there's 9 long strands of these great beads! (and mounds of beads at home too...right.)

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