Friday, July 11, 2008

Surprisingly enough...'s not been that hard to quit Ice Cream for the month. I fully intend to continue after July, but for now we're talking about today. Tuesday I made the decision that Ice Cream would be the first thing I quit, and that I'd start the next day. I went home, had a mug of Friendly's "Wattamellon" Sherbet, and that was it. (Yes, Wattamellon is spelled correctly...the New England/Boston phonetic way - we don't pronounce our R's around heah.) And yes, I went to Wendy's on Wednesday, but no, I didn't get a frosty. I know it's just soft ice cream and I only thought about it for a nanosecond before remembering my pledge not to have ice cream. Gelato, sherbet and sorbet are included.
For Ice Cream being such a daily habit, I'm surprised at how easily I've been able to turn away from it.
Something else which surprises me is how often I go into the kitchen and automatically open the freezer door. Automatically like breathing. Singing. Looking at the clouds. Mindlessly. I just chuckle, shake my head and close the freezer door, but it's interesting to me just what kind of habit it really was! I open a door and there it is. Oh. What a great idea. I was just looking for a snack, any snack, but here's the ice cream...fantastic!
And even with all of that, it hasn't been hard to walk away.
The only thing I will have, though I haven't yet, is the grenata (Italian ice). It's not a lactose product and has no sugar (the kind I make myself) which are the two components of ice cream which make me avoid it. I don't consider that a justification, it's just fact.

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Chile said...

Isn't it amazing how awareness is the first step to changing a habit?